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Curve Canter Feed Table

-     Sharp top RC-100-2H heavy-duty chain, extending to and driven from infeed module.

-     Replaceable hardened steel race sections.

-     Driven from canter infeed module.

-     Pivoting style heavy duty adjustable parking ramp style skid pans.

-     (4) Overhead chromed press rolls.

-     (4) Cant-positioning fetcher assemblies.

-     Pop-up pins on slide-ways for extended service life and enhanced positioning accuracy.

-     Linear positioning with cylinders and proportional valves.

-     Valves mounted on backside of feed table for access.

-     Heavy duty air cylinders and valves.

-     Air-over hydraulic automatic precision chain tensioning assembly.

-     PLC monitored Automatic lubrication of chain race and fetchers.

-     Lubrication cycle, frequency and duration PLC controlled.

-     All necessary field devices.

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