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Ecoustic Grader

With the new lumber strength ratings looming, Baxley Equipment has licensed to sell, assemble and service an acoustical lumber stress grader from Calibre Equipment of New Zealand to simply and economically stress grade each piece of lumber in your planermill. The proven concept uses the relationship between the measured speed of a sound wave traveling through a board, combined with its density to determine its stiffness or modulus of elasticity –MoE. This stiffness correlates to strength, and allows a value, in PSI, to be assigned to each board. The Baxley Ecoustic™ Grader is compatible with all automated visual grading systems and traditional visual grading systems as well. It is very compact and can be installed in most systems with ease. Combine these features with local Baxley sales and service and it becomes a product that you must investigate further.


  • Sales, Assembly, and Service by Baxley
  • Easy to install in current lines
  • Compatible with all visual graders and manual grading systems
  • Full line of quality assurance testing machines

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