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Transverse Edger Optimizer 3155

Differential (top & bottom) full profile laser scan for wane up or wane down, board-within-the-board measurements.


  • Thickness laser scan using Dynavision Chroma+scan® 3155 heads.
    • Cross section profiles on 0.300” (8 mm) centers.
    • Coplaner scanning (no stagger between opposite or adjacent heads is required).
    • Thickness accuracy ±0.020".
    • 32° minimum head operating temperature.
    • 120° maximum ambient temperature.
  • Rigid accessable scan frame.
  • Baffle plates.
  • All required cables.
  • NEMA 12 optimizer enclosure.
  • Two (2) Dell server class computers (primary and back-up) each with:
  • Dual Xeon Processors- 3.6 GHz- each with four cores.
  • 8 GB RAM.
  • DVD RW internal drive.
  • One (1) high capacity SATA Hard Primary Drive.
  • One (1) high capacity SATA Hard Drive for data & backup storage.
  • Dual redundant power supplies.
  • User friendly Windows 7 Embedded 64 bit based optimization software, with features including:
  • Windows style 3D graphical user interface.  Intuitive "point and click" operation. All mechanical and product parameters accessed / edited from pull down menus.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic functions with easy to understand details of why a particular solution was chosen.
  • On-line help manual with hypertext links to other help topics.
  • Comprehensive production reporting capability (up to three shifts per day).
    • Optimizer computer hard drive storage of shift data (up to two year capacity).
    • Report printing capability for any number of shifts, to any LAN printer on the network (i.e., in the main office or other remote computer).
    • Shift data logged on ten minute intervals for 48 hours.
    • Customized trend plot capability, Microsoft Access or Excel compatible.
  • QC package for length, width and thickness.
  • “TechScan Supervisor” optimization monitoring runs in background to monitor critical optimizer functions.
  • Acronis TrueImage backup software
  • Emergency Repair CD (Used in case of hard drive failure to restore data to a new hard drive)
  • “Laser Life Saver”-automatically turns off laser power when not in use to extend their life.
  • Multiple user passwords with personalized restriction access to different areas of the program- 8 max.
  • Email and text alerts for production reports and hardware monitoring.
  • Computer Based Training CD (for Trimmer and Edger systems)
  • Team Viewer software for remote access to computer.
  • Complete documentation package.
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