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September 22, 2015

Baxley Equipment Invests for the Future

Baxley Equipment Company and Baxley-LogPro is pleased to announce its recent partnership agreement, with Blue Sage Capital, in a combined effort to make Baxley-LogPro a stronger and more formidable leader in the industry.  The influx of growth capital will ensure continued product development and allow Baxley-LogPro to increase present production capacities through the addition of automated manufacturing equipment and outside acquisitions.

With a large backlog of work, Baxley-LogPro plans to increase employment to meet current commitments and service the growing industry.  New positions will be added, allowing Baxley-LogPro to grow beyond our present constraints. 

In entering into the agreement, our overriding desire was to do what is best for the company's long-term success.  After months of research, it was decided that the Blue Sage team was the most capable to add management platforms, ideas, and processes to take Baxley-LogPro to the next level. As a team, the unique combination of skills and resources will allow Baxley LogPro to better serve the needs of our customers, provide eventual retirement opportunities for senior team members and advancement opportunities for other team members; while providing the financial capital necessary to secure the future of Baxley-LogPro shareholders and employees.

We thank all our many loyal customers for the part you have played in making Baxley-LogPro a success and we pledge to continue offering the high quality equipment, technical solutions and committed service that the company is known for.  

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November 6, 2012

Cross-Cut Edger

[Patent Pending]

The next big thing?

Yield or recovery is all about fitting the sawing profile to the shape of the log as best possible. Optimum rotation of the log at the primary breakdown, curve sawing at the secondary, and proper skewing and positioning at the edger, are all working toward the goal of the best fit possible – for the best yield possible. Curve sawing cants, which has reached almost 100% acceptance, has led many users to wish they could adapt this technology to their board edger. Since almost 40% of boards in a normal mill are edged, the wish is understandable. Sawing around the curve in a swept flitch, while possible and would certainly give a longer board, results in a swept board – totally undesirable.


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March 10, 2010

Canfor - Timber Processing

Canfor-New South (Timber Processing Article)

Canfor-New South’s most recently acquired mill undergoes a green and facelift and renewed emphasis on maintenance to see improved yield and production.

By David Abbott

New South Companies, Inc., a member of the Canfor group of companies, purchased what was then Chesterfield Lumber here in late 2007 with the understanding that it would need additional resources and capital improvements to be competitive. With the addition of Darlington, there are now four New South mills, all in the Carolinas.   


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