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~Your ONE STOP SHOP for all your Sawmill & Planermill parts~

  • Exclusive Parts Dealer for all OEM Hi-Tech Engineering manufactured equipment
  • Regardless of the Brand of your equipment or your part, buy from Baxley!
  • We carry lasers, electronics, bearings, belting, encoders, cylinders (hydraulic or air), gear reducers, hydraulic pumps and motors, slings, valves (hydraulic or air).
  • Chains – Mill Chain, sharp top, pipe lug, sorter, roller lug, 8” pitch and leaf chain.
  • Plastic parts – V-Wheels, carry over wheels, pusher lugs, chain guides, tipple arms, J bars, tipple arms, etc.


Unfortunately for us fortunately for you, many times parts are ordered that won't fit or just aren't right for the unit(s) being built in our shop.  Many times these parts cannot be returned to the vendor from which they were purchased.  Some have been used slightly on jobs and either 1) didn't work in the application or 2) failed and were returned for repair.  YOU CAN SAVE SOME $$ BY PURCHASING THESE PARTS.  Each part is listed either as NEW, USED, or REBUILT.  

You can narrow or search for parts just to the left of this paragraph.  When you find a part, just click on it to see more information and then click email to our parts sales team if you are interested in purchasing the part.  We hope you find what you need!

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