Heavy Duty Gang Infeed Rollcase

  • Heavy structural steel construction approximately 20′- 0″ long
  • (9) Heavy duty smooth chromed rolls
  • Rolls are angled towards linebar and powered by roll to roll chain drive with tensioning
    • 10 HP VFAC drive for variable speed operation
  • (4) Lines 81XH charging chains, approximately 6’ long
    • 5 HP VFAC drive

Pivoting Linebar System

  • Pivot mount assembly for internal and feed table linebars
  • Pivoting tube steel linebar with cylinder mount and pivot bearing mounted on feedtable
    • Feedtable linebar lineal positioning cylinder including:
      • servo proportional valve
      • manifold
      • tempo probe
      • cables
      • hose
      • fittings
      • pressure filter assembly
  • Patented Variable Pitch Internal Linebar (US Patent #8,141,603 B2)
    • Precision machined chromed vertical linebar mounted inside infeed module is positioned just ahead of saws
    • Front trunion lineal positioning cylinder for variable pitch line bar including, servo proportional valve, manifold, tempo probe, cables, hose, fittings and pressure filter assembly
  • Photocell included is built into pivot mount

Pivoting Crowder Shoe

  • Pivot mount assembly for crowder shoe
    • Pivoting crowder shoe pushes cants against the linebar as they enter the infeed module
  • Crowder shoe assembly is pre-positioned using a linear positioning cylinder with an integral air cushion cylinder
    • Positioning cylinder is supplied with servo-proportional valve, manifold, tempo probe, cables, hose, fittings, and pressure filter assembly
    • Air cushion operates on constant regulated pressure and is supplied with hose, fittings and FRL


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